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#castrovalley#news#psa – In response to the request from a CVN member, here is a photo of the only official stationary outdoor Castro Valley “Vote By Mail” drop box located outside the Castro Valley Library at 3600 Norbridge Avenue. In the few minutes spent there this morning to take the attached picture, about four people drove up to drop off their ballots. The box (located to the left of the front entrance of the library) is definitely being used.

Other local official stationary outdoor boxes can be found at the following locations :

* In Hayward : Hayward City Hall – 777 B Street / California State University East Bay – 2500 W. Loop Road (Between Old and New University Union) and Chabot College – 25555 Hesperian Boulevard

* In San Lorenzo : The San Lorenzo Library – 395 Paseo Grande

* In San Leandro : The San Leandro Civic Center – 835 East 14th Street

* ALCO website with listing of all stationary outdoor drop boxes –…

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