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The cult following this legendary Castro Valley home has enjoyed for decades will likely be no more. With a current round of drastic interior and exterior work being done, the second empire victorian located off 7 Hills Road looks nothing like it did before when it was known as the “Psycho House” of Castro Valley. The 2,200 square foot home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms was on the market in August of last year. It was listed for $899,000 and sold for $1,050,000. The home is currently unoccupied as construction crews work on the interior and exterior, changing everything inside and out.“The neighborhood is really (expletive deleted) off at whats being done to the house,” one anonymous neighbor told CVN. “We all liked it the way it was.”While the change in appearance may frustrate some, ownership affords the new owners liberty to redesign. During a conversation with the previous homeowner a few years ago, he said on some days there were cars lined along the street with folks peering to catch a glimpse of the home for its resemblance to the one in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 motion picture “Psycho”.