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PLEASE SHARE: Message from #castrovalley#news member Monica Hubbard, “Hello! I found a valuable purse today. And am wondering if I could share it here. Found Purse that fell from top of Minivan.

As I was leaving the house today, I noticed a car in front of me had a box on their roof. As they turned left from Brookdale onto Lake Chabot, the box started flapping and fell. The white minivan kept driving unaware that it fell off. I pulled over to pick it up and noticed it was a purse inside a box. The purse is new (or like new) and empty so I have no way to contact the driver.

If you sold a purse today in the Lake Chabot area or if you are the owner of that white mini van then let me know and I’ll get this purse back in the right hands.”

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