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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Message and video from a #castrovalley#news member who requested anonymity: “This video is from our driveway camera (we live one block away from Proctor school) showing thieves pull up to our Jeep and enter the driver’s side. We reported the crime along with the video, and while we do have the last 2 numbers of the vehicle’s license plate we need help identifying the make/model of the black car. We hoped some eagle eye followers may be able to help us.

Both my wife and I are healthcare workers, and while nothing of traditional value was left in the car, there was a bag we use for work containing our PPE that they took. Inside was masks, wipes, and several other protective items used in the Hospital. They also cleaned out the glove box including our vehicle registration. I’m sure they were disappointed when inspecting the bag later on, but it stings to have something hard to come by, be taken. We’re hoping someone may be able to identify the vehicle make/model.”

Have info on the vehicle or this incident? Call the @Alameda County Sheriff’s Office at 510-667-7721

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