PLEASE SHARE FOR ANYONE WHO MAY BE IN NEED : Message from #castrovalley #newsmember Anita Hall, “First Pres opened a “Winter Warming Shelter” tonight at its church complex at 2490 Grove Way.

The shelter will provide up to 25 beds from 7:00 pm – 5:30 am on nights when rain is forecasted or the temperature drops below 40 degrees. The forecasted low temperature tonight is 39 degrees, 36 degrees on Thursday night. The shelter will be open tonight, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

Alameda County has funded the warming station for up to 50 nights. Organizers are looking for supplies, including sleeping bags, Clorox wipes, aluminum foil, and dinner for guests. Volunteers are needed from 6:30 – 10:00 on nights the shelter is open, even for a partial shift.

If you need a spot at the shelter, you can call ahead to be placed on the list. Your spot may be given away if you do not arrive by 8:00 pm.If you would like to provide supplies, volunteer, or you need a place to stay, contact Chizu at or 415-851-1906.”

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