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#castrovalley#news#FYI – “This plan just does not fit the area,” said Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council member Chuck Moore during last night’s virtual meeting where the council reviewed plans for a Chick-fil-A where Castro Valley Lumber is located. According to the Alameda County General Plan and Castro Valley Specific Plans, drive-throughs are not permitted in the proposed area. Approval of the plan would require plan amendments, something the CVMAC was not interested in allowing. While the designs accommodate what restaurant officials touted as “the longest drive-through in the Bay Area” with space for 36 cars lined up, community members noted the food chain’s Pleasanton location often has over 100 cars queued up. The overwhelming sentiment during public comment was “no more traffic in that area” of Castro Valley Boulevard. The proposal, put forward by a franchisee who lives in Castro Valley, went before the CVMAC for informational purposes to see if the council would support an amendment to allow the drive-through.

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