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Photo and message from #castrovalley#news member Mark Sheward, “Hi, here is another update regarding the petition I have going to reduce speeding on Crow Canyon. Curtain Crow Canyon Speeding Petition – 3/26/21 Update Hi all, another update as promised……We are currently at 741 signatures on the petition. We still need more so please continue to get the word out to people who may not have heard our cause. Dan Davini and I have put a presentation together that we plan to use when we get to present to the powers that be when we get the opportunity. We really feel that it is important to share this with the community so that everyone can see what we are proposing and have an opportunity to provide their input. If you think that this is something that you would be interested in seeing, please contact me at and I will arrange a Zoom meeting. Commander Holeman was kind enough to meet with Dan and I at my house. The goal of the meeting was to understand what CHP’s thoughts were on the Crow Canyon safety issue. To summarize the outcome, CHP sees their role as to implement the laws and not to provide input as to what could or should be done. Commander Holeman did however offer to facilitate a meeting with the people who do have a direct input on this issue (Public Works and the Supervisor’s office). That meeting was held with Commander Holeman of CV CHP, Matt Turner of Supervisor Nate Miley’s office and Rick Yeoung of Alameda County Public Works Department. We outlined the concerns of the residents, asked questions regarding what flexibility the county has to set things such as speed limits, definition of residential neighborhood etc and made some suggestions on what we think can be done to address the safety issue. To summarize the outcome of the meeting:- – They are aware of the ongoing safety issues on Crow Canyon and are willing to look at continued improvements – ACPWD is going to provide us with a copy of the 2016 engineering report for us to read and understand – ACPWD is willing to look at reducing the current 4 lane section down to 2 lanes – ACPWD is willing to look at other creative ways of improving safety on the 2 land section- Matt Turner liked the idea of making the whole of Crow Canyon a “Safety Corridor” (fines doubled, warning signs etc) and is going to see if he can arrange a meeting with Assemblyman Bill Quirk to present our case. As I have indicated before, this is going to be a long slow process so we have to be committed for the long haul here. If you have got this far into the update then you are likely to be already pretty interested in this issue so I would like to urge you to contact me to let me know that you are interested in attending a Zoom meeting. Otherwise, Dan and I will continue to blunder on in our own inimitable style and you can’t blame us for the outcome!”

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