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The Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council, county staff, and community panned the proposal for a Chic-Fil-A at where the lumberyard is on Castro Valley Boulevard. County planning staff member Carole Kajita cited the approval of a drive-through there would not be in line with the Alameda County General Plan or Castro Valley specific plan. Ed Hale, who represents the restaurant chain asserted a drive-through fast-food restaurant would be the best use for the parcel and the community. Hale explained the drive-through design would accommodate 36 cars and cause no additional traffic backups in the area. However, the restaurant has not conducted a traffic impact analysis on how the restaurant would affect traffic in the area. Council members Ilya Prokopoff, Al Padro, Chuck Moore, Tojo Thomas, and Shannon Killebrew expressed concern for additional traffic the restaurant would bring to an already congested area near freeway ramps and two other fast-food restaurants. None of the council supported general plan changes to allow another drive-through. Of nearly 20 comments from the public, only two supported the project. Also, a 10th grader at CVHS presented a petition against the project, that netted 100 signatures based on alleged opinions the chain has against the LGBT community. At the end of the meeting, it was not clear whether the restaurant chain will pursue the plan going forward. Link to the restaurant proposal and additional info:…/CDAMeetings_01…/PLN202000307.pdf

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