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#castrovalley#news#fyi – A property owner in the Fairview area of Alameda County has been illegally using a graded area as a strip to take off and land airplanes. The owner of the property does not have a flight-strip permit and started the process of applying for a conditional use permit (CUP) in 2020. According to county documents, the property owner is using the flight strip for “short take-off and landing” aircraft. Local activist group, the Friends of San Lorenzo Creek submitted comments in October concerning grading and filling and the possibility of impacts to the unnamed tributary of Palomares Creek. The County has ordered the property owner to cease all flight activity and apply for a conditional use permit. The property owner has filed an appeal to the county’s public nuisance declaration and notice to abate the area. The appeal and area info was reviewed by the West County Board of Zoning Adjustments online Wednesday, February 10th. See BZA agenda, staff report, and info on how to view the meeting at…

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