Message from #castrovalley #news member Gabriela Chavez

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“Yesterday was an odd day for us. I decided to take my son to Kung Fu class for the first time since March at the studio on CV Boulevard near the Daughtrey building. I dropped my son off and decided to stay in the parking lot, move my car and watch him through the fence.

There was an odd smell in the air but I didn’t realize what it was until I was about to put my baby down in front of a whole bunch of smoke. “So that’s where the smell is coming from,” I said to myself.

I didn’t understand why so much smoke was coming from the ground, and then it hit me – someone must have thrown their cigarette there and something on the ground was on fire. Fortunately, my son had water bottles he only took a sip from in the car, and I grabbed all three and emptied them on the ground, completely stopping the smoke.

Please everyone, dispose and extinguish your cigarettes properly. The photo is of the ground, the cement that is light great is not a dirt stain, it’s marked from the smoke !”

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