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PLEASE SHARE: Message from #castrovalley#news member Vanessa Depue Zvarich, “Hi, can you please share that I can’t find my cat on your page? LOST GRAY CAT. Hi Everyone, We can’t find our 1 1/2 years gray cat named Max. He went outside with his cat brother yesterday around 3 but didn’t come back inside. Max is very friendly, all gray with a white line at the bottom of his belly, and often strolls around our apartment complex to stretch his legs. He has a bright neon green collar with his name Max and my phone number on the back. Last night was the first night he didn’t come home and we are worried! I’m hoping he may have been scared by the rain and is hiding somewhere along Marshall Lane and Forest Circle. If you see him, please call me or text me at 510-909-1224.”

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