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Fentanyl, a synthetic (man-made) opioid, is more toxic than most other opioids. It is extremely dangerous and is up to 40 times more toxic than heroin and up to 100 times more toxic than morphine, which increases the risk of accidental overdose. This drug is disguised in many forms such as pill, powder, or candy form, and is sometimes contained in other drugs, such as methamphetamine. The Hayward Police Department recently discovered and seized fentanyl that they described as looking like ‘chewed up bubble gum.’ During their investigation, it was discovered fentanyl is also being produced in a gum-like form with a color coated system to categorize its strength. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office have come across the same brightly colored substance while on patrol. Please pass this info along to family and friends to be more informed and able to recognize and report these types of substances, especially those who know someone experiencing problems with substance abuse.