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Join Robert Souza for an all new LIVE Radio show this evening, 7pm PT, @ the Castro Valley News! Discussion about local events and things happening around town with questions and interactive chat from listeners.

Tonight’s episode dives into topics that include:

  • Introduction to our host, Robert Souza
  • Little note about what this radio show is about
  • Community chat roll call and introductions
  • Sports Desk :: Sharks 5 New Jersey 2. Warriors host Suns in ten minutes
  • Unfortunately was not ablate stream the CV Village tree lighting because of COVID concerns
  • Facebook is now doubling our stars! Matching every star donation during all The Castro Valley News shows! We want to encourage your supporting us through Facebook stars. Facebook gets 1 cent per star and we get all the rest 🙂 NOW DOUBLED by Facebook <3
  • Giving bug love to Mel and Dayna Speed for all they are to the community
  • Word of the nightL Juggernaut –
  • Tonight’s Mid-way Giveaway gift certificate is a $20 credit to ‘Restore and Rework’ in town
  • Discussion of a dentist in Italy that tried to receive a COVID vaccine in a fake arm made of silicon
  • Robert reflects on the history of how editors work with the red pencil on news writing
  • Mid-way Giveaway Question :: What business was once situated between Sherries and Walgreens?
  • Talk and recollections about photography and how far it has come in the past couple of decades
  • Discussion about two news reporters that were robbed for their cameras from KRON4
  • Active waxing poetic about how/why to be kind to each other in all aspects of life
  • ‘The media must be protected or it will be silenced” – chat post
  • Show wrap …up. Thanks for joining us!

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