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Join Robert Souza for an all new LIVE Radio show this evening, 7pm PT, @ the Castro Valley News! Discussion about local events and things happening around town with questions and interactive chat from listeners.

Tonight’s episode dives into topics that include:

  • Introduction to our host, Robert Souza
  • Little note about what this radio show is about
  • Community chat roll call and introductions
  • Sports Desk :: Hello Warriors beat Brooklyn. Sharks lead Minnesota 3-1 in the third
  • Talk about helicopters around town and why they are so plentiful
  • Sports Desk :: 4-1 Sharks. Beautiful goal by Hertl
  • Talk about holiday happenings that you can do around town and businesses for the visiting
  • Sharing of Pampas video :
  • More on the tree lighting event here –
  • Word of the night: cog·ni·zant –
  • Talk about what restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving
  • Mid-way Giveaway sponsored by:
  • Mid-way Giveaway Question :: What is the name of the race car track that used to be downstairs at Southland?
  • Talking nostalgia throughout our area and Hayward as well
  • Information and discussion on MAC updates on APW designs on Strobridge exit area
  • Some catch up on the history of why ‘Burger Island’ is designed how it is
  • Talk about how to drive around Norbridge and even how to legally turn out of the library
  • Sharing about how to be a tipster and share information with the new, your news
  • Question about whether the show should be two nights a week instead of one
  • When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
  • Show wrap …up. Thanks for joining us!

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