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In this episode of the Local News: Discussion with Sheriff Greg Ahern with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office about crime, homelessness and other Castro Valley related topics with questions and interactive chat from listeners.

Tonight’s topics include:

  • Introduction to our host, Robert Souza
  • Little note about what this radio show is about
  • Community chat roll call and introductions
  • Sharing of thoughts on Fred Zhender and all he brought to the world of news and the world at large. We miss you Fred. Forever.
  • Sheriff Greg Ahern joins us by calling in to talk about local happenings and the state of law enforcement in The Castro Valley area
  • Sheriff Greg Ahern shares 41 years as a career officer serving our area.
  • Discussion about the reach of the Alameda County Sheriff’s oversight. About 160k people, four patrol teams, sixty deputy sheriffs, an investigative unit of 20, and covering all local unincorporated areas
  • Discussion of how Castro Valley measures up in relation to our neighbor communities
  • Talk about what has been an uptick in crime in our area. Sharing the opinion that drug abuse, education, and low incomes come together to cause such trends
  • Top of mind, in the rise in local crime, is drugs and drug use. With an increase in local overdoses. With a second mention to theft from local vendors
  • Talk about how the pandemic drove best practices within (and outside of) the department
  • Review of the fireworks that come around every year at this time
  • Introduction of the Nail’em app to catch illegal fireworks –
  • Discussion of the current rough relationship between the local Sheriffs and CVUSD administration
  • A small dive into our homeless issues and the homeless encampments that we find around us
  • Stories of local works and how the Sheriffs come together with the community to build a great community
  • Show wrap up. Thanks for joining us!

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