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In this episode of the Local News: Discussion about local happenings and events in town with comments and questions from you. Thank you for listening.

Tonight’s topics include:

  • Introduction to our host, Robert Souza
  • Shout out to all our neighbors in chat
  • Alameda County enters the orange tier in COVID-19 measures
  • Chabot Theater will be opening on April 20th!
  • Current Event – Local youngster did a fundraiser for the Monterey Bay Aquarium and raised over $1k
  • Discussion about illegal dumping on the side of the roads and how to clean with
  • Intersection improvement project has begun at Villa Real Drive in the Palamores Hills area
  • Stanton avenue sidewalk project is in progress around the school area
  • Castro Valley schools have reopened with crossing guards being re-hired throughout the district
  • Posted speed limit along Lake Chabot road is reduced to 35mph
  • As schools kick off, there are CHP all around our schools looking for traffic infractions
  • Local public works have a collection of grants in submission for road safety upgrades throughout town
  • Discussion about the reduction of billboards all around town and the county
  • Call out to support local businesses and step up our game in being kind to our neighbors
  • Love and support to our AAPI locals and supporting an end to all violence against this community
  • Thanks for joining us this evening

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