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In this episode of the Local News: Discussion about local happenings and events in town with comments and questions from you. Thank you for listening.

Tonight’s topics include:

  • Call out to all our neighbors with chat roll call
  • Thanks to our sponsor,, for helping us bring the news out tonight!
  • No new news on the Rite Aid upgrades as of yet
  • We might be going back to the COVID19 red tier in the near future
  • Shout out to Southern Comfort Kitchen dinners! Awesome local eats! (
  • Story time from bicycling around town from today as well as memories of the first days of shelter in place
  • We are giving away stickers FREE to anyone sending in pictures of recent purchase receipts from independent eatery/service/company/business to this email address
  • Story shared from Nasir (from JP’s) where locals were really showing up to support staff and the restaurant
  • We want to share the same love with Dampa (, as they need some local shopping love
  • Triple down discussion on how important it is to shop local and support our small businesses
  • A short discussion on how we have some amazing local officers in our area
  • Recent posting about our local sheriffs evolves into a vibrant discussion about local policing
  • Broad ranging discussion about the Behind the Badge ride alongs (
  • Flash back to 2013 video about a backyard Koi pond over flowing (
  • Closing with a mention of thanks for the wonderful Valentines Day card drive! 700 cards donated and delivered
  • Hank start barking in his sleep and we are done 🙂

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