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In this episode of the Local News: Discussion about local happenings and events in town with comments and questions from you. Thank you for listening.

Tonight’s topics include:

  • Introductions to neighbors
  • Talk of where and how to get local vaccines around our area
  • Call for cross walk enforcement at CVB and Sant Maria Avenue with some ideas for safety checking there
  • Bob shares information about Brownies selling cookies and a call for supporting them
  • February 4th, NEW local business promotion kicks off! Check out Facebook page on the 4th for details
  • CVMAC will be reviewing plans for the new CVSan building proposal and live show audience thoughts
  • A review and refresh on our local post office building and the wonderful people who man it
  • Talk of local restaurants and all the video reviews CV News has to share
  • Update and news on what is happening with the old library building on Redwood Road
  • Claiming Val’s for Castro Valley and Rudy’s Doughnuts as the best in our county

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