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PLEASE SHARE: Message from #Castrovalley#news member Sierra Noakesk, “Hi there! I am trying to identify a family whose dog attacked us and then left while we were checking whether our dogs were bleeding. Please help us locate the owner of the dog that attacked us.

My husband and I went to the Red Tail Trail by the Marciel gate (where you go to in order to get to the campgrounds) with our twin 3-month-old babies and our 3 dogs at 5:45 pm yesterday to go for a short hike before it got dark. My husband and I each had a baby strapped to us and all 3 of our dogs were leashed. Less than 0.1 miles from the gate an 80 lb, extremely thick, blonde pitbull with docked ears sprinted toward us. The couple didn’t flinch but I had a weird feeling about the way it was rushing us so I picked up our 10 lb dog and we kept our dogs on leash.

The dog rushed past me to my husband and pounced on our 30 lb whippet, going for his throat and clearly trying to kill our dog. My husband bent down to save our dog and grab this dog by the collar, with our baby on his chest screaming and our 40 lb mutt trying to protect his family. I screamed to the couple to get their dog and that my husband had a baby on him. They literally walked at the pace of snails and let their other dog, which looked like a long hair border collie, they called “Bran”, run at us.

My husband had their dog by its collar and lifted it up slightly so it couldn’t bite our dogs or him or our baby and they FINALLY got to us and the husband let his dog go AGAIN, and he instantly went to kill our dog AGAIN. My husband got a hold of the dog, again while their other dog, “Bran”, just walked around us, and the man let it go again and just pushed it to walk forward.

The wife said, “are you ok?” While our baby was screaming and I said, “your dog bit our dog and I have no idea how our baby is but we are not ok.” And my husband said, “We need to check if anyone is bleeding.” She said, “Oh my god there is a baby, he never does this.” We bent down to make sure our dogs weren’t bleeding after we made sure our baby was OK and stood up to speak to them and they had literally WALKED AWAY! What kind of monsters walk away without even knowing if a baby has been bit by their dog??

The couple was in their mid-late 60’s, the woman had chin-length white hair and the man had very short white hair. They were both heavier-set.

We want to identify the couple and report it to law enforcement and see if there is any way to ban them from the park to make sure this never happens to anyone else. We are all home and, aside from me sobbing that I almost just saw my dog die while my baby was screaming and my husband was doing everything possible to get their dog off of ours while the couple did absolutely nothing and then walked away without knowing if our baby or dogs were bleeding from being bit, everyone seems to be ok. If you have any way to help, please let us know. We are absolutely horrified and extremely shook-up.

Our dog was bitten on the inside of his thigh. Our dog is up to date on all of his vaccines but we are going to take him to the vet to make sure he is OK. If anybody knows how to report this to animal control or has any recommendations of what to do please let us know!”

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