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CONGRATULATIONS! Photo/message from #castrovalley #news member Paz Cabrera, “While our education system is experiencing unprecedented challenges, Castro Valley High School teachers have gone above and beyond to educate students in our district. Teachers learned to utilize teaching methods and programs they never used before. Students adapted to a new way of learning and have endured the many changes that the pandemic has brought to their life. Thanks to the efforts of school teachers and support provided by the CVHS College and career center, Jennifer Tang was able to complete her college applications and be accepted to John Hopkins University, an elite school that has an 11% acceptance ratio conformed of students who are on the top of their school’s graduating class. Jennifer was also interviewed by Harvard University’s Admission office and received acceptance letters from California State and UC Universities and is now committed to attend John Hopkins University in the fall as pre-med/ neuroscience student. Jennifer is also the recipient of a State of California Senate award presented by Senator Ellen Corbett in 2014 at Castro Valley Elementary School.”

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