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Tonight’s episode dives into topics that include:

  • Introduction to our host, Robert Souza
  • Little note about what this radio show is about
  • Community chat roll call and introductions
  • Tag Party and Star Party Success!
  • Hank makes an appearance
  • Local listener is fighting COVID in their home
  • Talk about dogs and local pet shop providers around town
  • We will pay for local dog adoptions –
  • Mom checks in and shares her wisdom with the community
  • We are treated to the story of Hank.
  • Robert takes on the roll of dog whisperer and drops some wisdom on us all
  • Midway Giveaway :: What was the super popular feature, in the CV Forum, that disappeared a few years ago?
  • Roland joins us from the Castro Valley Sanitary District to talk about now and the future
  • Reflections on local waste management, recycling, and earth day efforts around town
  • Sport’s Desk : Giants 5, A’s 1 – Bottom of the 2nd
  • Mom’s Critiques : Adopt Don’t Shop program is awesome and she loves the controversy on what to do with the list
  • This Friday will be the memorial mass for Larry Bronsini
  • Sport’s Desk : Giants 5 n A’s 1 bottom of the 4th
  • Stars honor roll shoutout!
  • When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
  • Show wrap …up. Thanks for joining us!

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