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* WARNING – GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION * #castrovalley#news#fyi – ANOTHER CV MIDDLE SCHOOL VANDALIZED – This message went out to Creekside Middle School parents yesterday. Also hearing from a source that another bathroom on campus was vandalized right after this email was sent out. ” Dear Creekside Students, Staff and Families,Every couple of years, a new, and at times very harmful fad on social media unfortunately takes hold of students’ interest. They are counterproductive to what we want for our students and school community.The latest is a Tik Tok challenge, Devious Licks (TikTok trend: ‘Devious licks’ videos purportedly show school lootings) where young people take videos of themselves destroying school property and/or stealing school property. This is happening in many districts, including at Castro Valley Unified. At Creekside Middle School, it is mostly taking place in the bathrooms. I am disappointed to report that due to this Tiktok challenge or fad, both girl’s and boy’s bathrooms have been vandalized and trashed this past Monday and Tuesday. The soap dispensers have been broken and soap containers were taken out of them. After the soap containers were replaced, one of the soap dispensers was ripped off of the wall, spilling soap all over the walls and floors. Two of our girl’s bathrooms were trashed with soiled feminine hygiene products and smeared blood on the walls and floors. There was graffiti on the walls of our bathrooms. Toilets have been clogged with paper towels and trash. We have had to close some of our bathrooms until our custodians cleaned and repaired the damage done to them.Yesterday, we communicated our expectations to students during Advisory, shifted our supervision focus to the bathrooms, but we need everyone’s help. Families, please talk to your students about how this is inappropriate, harmful, and destructive for our school and our community. There are consequences for such behavior. Anyone caught destroying or stealing school property will be held accountable and expected to cover the costs of the damages or missing items. If your student comes home with a soap dispenser, this isn’t an accident. If students know who is responsible, it needs to be reported. In just a few short days, we have had thousands of dollars of damage and access to bathrooms restricted because they are simply not usable. I know that this is the result of the behavior of a handful of students. Their actions are impacting hundreds of students who are happy to be back at school and doing everything that they should be doing. I am deeply disappointed in this conduct. We ask for your help and need your support.Please, students, take care of our school and yourselves!