PLEASE SHARE: Message from a #castrovalley #news member : “Please keep me anonymous. $300 worth of return packages to Amazon got stolen yesterday afternoon around 5pm on Almeda Street. This time, it was a group of 5 teenagers.

Too bad the camera didn’t capture a clear picture of their faces. We put a sign in front of the house saying this is protected by camera surveillance, but those kids are very bold. From the pictures, you can see they are wearing some kind of uniforms and wearing backpacks.

They walked past and two of them came back, stopped in front of the yard and pointed at my packages then took them.

Hope someone can identify if this is a school uniform or basketball team uniform..etc. When someone is just teenager, they start stealing stuff from people, i am not sure what they will be doing when they grow up… I am very sad that this is happened in my neighborhood AGAIN within the past 3 months.

See the video here

✔️ If you have information on this incident, please call the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office at 510-667-7721