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#castrovalley#news#FYI – Robert Simmons has ten days to cease all flight activity or use of any airstrips on his 100-acre property in Fairview. That was the unanimous decision issued this afternoon by the four-member Alameda County West County Board of Zoning Adjustments. Simmons has been flying “short take-off and landing” aircraft and a helicopter from his Fairview Avenue property since 1990. He claims during that time there have only been only two complaints from neighbors in regard to the activity on his land. The property has 26 landing zones and four pilots that fly out from the property regularly, landing in a 12 foot by 12-foot landing zone in addition to a large airstrip. Simmons asserted one complaint from a neighbor in the past 20 years should not constitute a neighborhood nuisance. “It seems that the county is just being overzealous with us,” he said. While he started the process to have the use permitted years ago, he withdrew from the process claiming the process was “going nowhere.” He recently filed for another permit that was rejected by the County for being incomplete. Five Canyons resident Abbas Masjedi objected to the air traffic, saying the proximity to transmission towers and power lines is not safe. The board found Simmons in violation of ALCO Zoning Ordinance Code section 17.06.035 for flying aircraft from the property which is not a listed permitted use in an Agricultural Zoned parcel and Code section 17.06.035 for using a flight strip without a Conditional Use Permit in an Agricultural Zoned parcel. Simmons has ten days to appeal the judgment to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors who will make the final decision on the issue.

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