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#castrovalley#news#fyi – INFO ON ALCO BILLBOARD REDUCTION PROGRAM: Folks in town have messaged in about the new billboard being constructed behind Safeway at 580 Marketplace (seen at right in the photo) facing the 580 freeway. This will be a digital billboard as part of an agreement Alameda County has to eliminate billboard structures across Unincorporated Alameda County including Castro Valley. In exchange for the digital billboard facing the freeway, Clear Channel Media will remove five existing billboards on Castro Valley Boulevard, including the one, removed this morning near Baker Road that is seen at left in the picture. . There will also be two additional billboards on Lake Chabot Road set for removal as part of the agreement. Similar agreements were made with Clear Channel and Outfront Media to remove billboards in exchange for a digital sign in San Lorenzo. Part of the agreement spells out the billboard companies will pay Alameda County 10% of the annual net revenue from sign advertising, $50,000 annual mitigation fee, and provide free public messages to Alameda county.

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