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Photo and message from #castrovalley#news member Rosemary Sheward, “Hi, my husband is trying to address the perennial problem of speeding on Crow Canyon and needs to get the word out to the neighbors and collect signatures. Can you please post the following information on your site?

Yesterday’s car crash that took out a power pole at Norris and Crow and resulted in many residents being without power for ~15 hours was yet another reminder of how dangerous Crow Canyon Road has become.

I know that there have been multiple unsuccessful attempts to try and address the speeding problem but I feel that it is time for us to try again before we have yet another fatality.

I have made contact with Matt Turner who is in Constituent Liaison for Supervisor Nate Miley and he is aware of the problem and willing to help us put a case together to try and get this safety issue resolved.

He told me that it will need the local community to get involved to get the issue on the radar of the CV Municipal Advisory Council.

I am willing to take the lead on this effort (unless anyone else feels the urge?) but need help from the community with two quick and easy tasks…..

1] Pick up the phone TODAY and call the local CV CHP office (510-581-9028) and request speed enforcement along Crow Canyon. Believe it or not, they do take this type of request very seriously and they will send officers out. The more people that call the better as requests/complaints are counted and reported. We can’t claim that there is a problem if we are not using the existing tools!

2] Let me know if you are prepared to put your name on a petition. I will put one together and work with neighbors to collect signatures if there is enough interest.

Please pass this message on to anyone who you think might be interested. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I really hope that we can get enough people interested to try and address this important safety issue.

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