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#castrovalley#news#FYI – Have you guys noticed how good Cull Canyon Reservoir and spillway are looking these days? Originally constructed in 1963, Cull Canyon Reservoir was 30 feet deep and a popular fishing and recreation area for many years. However, the reservoir was never very effective at flood control and filled up with about 12,000 to 20,000 cubic yards of silt and debris every year. Six years ago a $1,242,120 Alameda County Flood Control plan was approved to modify the dam spillway and the creek. By the time construction started working on the project, the creek was full of an estimated 450,000 cubic yards of sediment and only about six feet deep. Going back in time to 2014, there was a notorious viral photo of a construction crane that fell into the muck. The same year there was a prank where someone anchored a head resembling the Loch Ness Monster in the murky water. (Photos of those incidents are attached to this post.)

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